20 September 2013

Still kicking?

FWMC has been silent here for quite some time, but don't be fooled - the past year has been very busy! After our European adventure we hunkered down in the Toronto area over the winter, and recently we have relocated to Vancouver. Expect more to come in the months ahead as we get back on our feet...

28 August 2012

New horizons

Although our blog has been quiet over the summer, the factory has been hard at work! This is just a quick note from the production floor to say that we're keeping new projects on the down low for now, but expect to see more news here very soon.

Just a little hint of what we've been up to...

Hope you all had a great summer!

2 April 2012

Lisa Cuthbert returning to Dublin for Good Friday gig

Winter Woods (photo & makeup credit: Eavan Derbyshire)

After a year spent abroad in the north of France, Dublin's “darker Tori Amos” - singer-songwriter and pianist Lisa Cuthbert - returns to her home town this Easter weekend to help launch OCHO's new CD and wrap up the fundraiser for her upcoming album Paramour on Good Friday.

Cuthbert, who appears on the new OCHO disc, will join the electronic duo for their album launch gig at D-light studios on Friday, April 6 – coincidentally the last day of her Paramour album crowdfunding campaign.
Inspired by a dark stain on the history of the Irish Catholic church, Paramour explores the stories of former Magdalene laundry inmates, who were subjected to harsh treatment and extreme conditions as rehabilitation for being “fallen women” - unwed mothers, former prostitutes, or the mentally ill - often committed to the institutions against their will by male relatives. A former convent school student, Cuthbert says, “It's horrific to think that I've been raised and educated with the same values and morals imposed by an organisation that destroyed so many lives.”

She notes that the new material is much darker than her previous work (for reference, her first EP, Ready to Unfold has just been re-released digitally via Bandcamp and her webstore), a marked change of direction from her debut album Obstacles. Cuthbert maintains that this is no surprise to long-time fans: “I've always been intrigued by music with a dark edge and a bit or mystery surrounding it, that really adds to the magic for me.”

Lisa Cuthbert w/ OCHO
6 April 2012
D-Light Studios
North Great Clarence St., Dublin

Doors: 7 p.m.

13 January 2012

Dark Media City interviews Lisa

Dark Media City is an American social network and web magazine dedicated to the celebration of dark culture. Fans and creators alike can be found lurking in its perpetually expanding labyrinth of users and user groups, and a trove of interesting content is stashed among the bold, the curious, and the timorous denizens who make themselves at home in the darkness.

Recently, DMC spoke with our own Lisa Cuthbert about her work, her influences, and her fans. You can check that interview here - and don't forget to visit the fundraiser page for her upcoming album, Paramour.

Photo & Makeup Credit: Eavan Derbyshire
UPDATE: Lisa will be featured tonight (Friday, 13 January) at 8 p.m. CET on Berlin's King.FM with Tom Kolbe!

8 January 2012

Hey, Gandalf - nice dress!

This week Moshpit Tragedy posted our interview with Red Fang guitarist Bryan Giles:

The band will be launching the European stretch of their tour supporting Mastodon later this week - and the release of a third, ridiculously funny music video directed by Whitey McConnaughy surely can't be far behind...

Listen to excerpts from the interview below:

Interview with Red Fang guitarist Bryan Giles on Portland, creativity, Facebook, and Whitey by Factory Worker Music Co.

...and for those of you who haven't seen the video yet, this post's headline is a reference to Red Fang's "Prehistoric Dog", the first in a series of videos which were all created by Whitey McConnaughy.

Watch it here:

6 January 2012

Lisa Cuthbert: Paramour 2012 crowdfunder ready to launch!

Paramour: Songs for "Fallen Women"

Tomorrow we kick off Lisa's Paramour album crowdfunder! You can read the official press release below, but let's cut to the chase: Lisa is releasing her second studio album independently this autumn and she needs your help. 

Paramour is a darker collection of songs than those on her debut album Obstacles and the new material was inspired by her interest in the shocking story of Ireland's Magdalene laundries, institutions run by the Catholic church in which "fallen women" suffered terrible abuses and were forced to perform grueling hard labour as a means of moral rehabilitation for their apparent indiscretions.

The music industry is very different from how it once was and independent artists now have many more options and greater flexibility with which to decide how and when they release music. Crowdfunding gives an artist the opportunity to ask fans and friends to directly support a creative project, which then becomes a very personal, fun and rewarding process for everyone involved.

Skip to below the video for more information about the project or you can check out Lisa's fundraiser page at Sponsume here:

And here is Lisa's video pitch (complete with outtakes!) from YouTube:

[the following release is also available for viewing at]


On January 7 Irish singer-songwriter and pianist Lisa Cuthbert launches the crowdfunder campaign for her new album Paramour:

The album’s collection of new songs is inspired by Cuthbert’s fascination with a dark stain on Ireland’s history, the abuses against inmates at Magdalene laundries - workhouse-style institutions run by the Catholic Church from 1809-1996 for the shelter and rehabilitation of “fallen women”.

On her Sponsume crowdfunding project page Cuthbert writes, “Over a period of 150 years, an estimated 30,000 women were imprisoned in the Magdalene Asylums, and the last one shut in 1996!!! That part is really shocking for me because by 1996 I had already been baptised in the Catholic church and was attending a Catholic convent school in Dublin. It's horrific to think that I've been raised and educated with the same values and morals imposed by an organisation that destroyed so many lives.”

Paramour will be Cuthbert’s second studio album and the follow-up to her debut Obstacles, released in 2010. Cuthbert says the new material is “darker and more dramatic than my first album, which was an accessible singer-songwriter album. This time we’re going a little bit further.”

Planned as an independent release, Paramour’s funding goal of €5,000 will cover the “production of the album, advertising, marketing, and distribution” and sponsor reward packages include feature incentives like unlimited access to online performances for one year, custom song recordings, and private shows.


Irish singer-songwriter and pianist Lisa Cuthbert makes music that has been described as a dark, brooding mix of eclectic sounds with a Celtic twist. Informed by such dynamic influences as Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, and Loreena McKennitt, Lisa’s work is distinguished by haunting, ethereal voice, dramatic songwriting, and layered harmonies. Through songs that explore memories, moods and feelings Cuthbert aspires to a deeper emotional affect that draws listeners into fervent reverie.

Lisa’s debut EP Ready to Unfold was released in 2009. On the strength of its material she toured Europe providing backing vocals as a member of Antimatter’s touring band. More recently she has supported Wovenhand, Amber Asylum and UK prog-rock veterans Marillion, and she has just been confirmed to play three shows at Castlefest 2012 in the Netherlands.

Cuthbert’s solo album Obstacles, released in 2010, explores a variety of familiar situations across a range of emotions, from everyday highs and lows to universal fears like death and abandonment. Featuring guest appearances by Mick Moss and backing vocals by Lisa's younger sister Aoife, Obstacles continues to receive airplay on both terrestrial and web radio throughout Europe.

“The haunting 'Cherry Blossom', the bouncy 'My Material Girl'
and the dramatic 'Storm Coming On' is the best quarter of an hour
of music I've heard all year.” -
“Lisa’s lyrics and arrangements display an intelligence far beyond
her years” - Everyone Deserves Music
“The greatest strength of the album is Lisa’s wonderful varied vocal
range. She holds your attention through the delicate track ‘Second
Leaving’ but can really belt out the lyrics during songs like ‘My
Material Girl’.” - 2UIBestow
“Cuthbert obviously owes something to Dolores O’Riordan and
company, but her music definitely stands on its own as both novel
and emotionally engaging.” - Cluas
“Ihre Musik ist melodramatisch und einfach wundersch√∂n!”
- Tom Kolbe, King.FM Berlin


1 January 2012

2011: The Liner Notes

Now that it’s really, really over I think it’s safe to say that 2011 was a great year. Having said that, it’s time to thank everyone who helped to make it that way. Forgive me if I've forgotten anyone - there were a lot of you to remember!

( alphabetical order:)

A Negative Narrative

Adam Fox

All My Faith Lost

Altered Realities Radio

Amanda Crawford

Andy Hillion

Andy Read

Anja McCloskey

Barney Greenway

Ben Dawson

Bill Sarafianos

Black Reflection Media

Brenna Ehrlich

Brenna Lee Roth

Bret Linden and Linden Labs

Brian Thompson, Thorny Bleeder

Broke-Ass Stuart

Broken Pencil

Bryan Giles

Charles de Lint

Chryblnd Scribe

Cindy Frewen Wuellner

CJAM 99.1 FM Windsor, ON

Claus Uriza

Cognitive Dissonance PR

DJ Vadim

Dan and Hannah and Label Love

Daniel and

Daniel Gill

Danny and Rosanne

Daryna Kulya

Dave Brockie

Dave Cool

Dave Evans

David Gold

Dennis and Prime magazine Berlin

Devi and Coalition Entertainment

Dexter Moore

Dousa Dragonash

Echoes and Dust

Effin Fleur

Eva and Dark Media City

Factory Nation UK

Flaming June Records

Force Field PR

Fuck the Facts

Gabrielle Faust

Geert Bevin


Hal Hefner

Hal Niedzviecki

Harmless Noise

Ian Lyster

Idle Rogue

Insularis Records

J.R. and IconAclass

Jan and Fink

Jen Wilson

Jenn Ashton

Jennifer Harris

Joey Falcon

Jolie O’Dell

Jon and Freeman Promotions

Jordan Reyne

Josh Kolm

Kate Johnston

Kathleen Farley

Kay Jay Music

Kim Devereux

Kim Gardner

King FM Berlin

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Laura Sheeran

Liam and Dr. Disc

Lindsay Gibb

Lindsey Rivait

Lisa Cuthbert

Liz Aday

Louise Saad

Magellan PR

Mal Burns

Marie, Ed and Soundcloud

Mark Plancke

Martin Popoff

Masi Kriegs

Michele Gianelli

Michelle Owen

Mommaluv Skytower

Monica S. Kuebler

Moshpit Tragedy

Nancy Kress

Napalm Death

Nay McArdle

Nikki and Century Media

Nina and Fabryka Digital

Nina Wagner

Northern Sky Records

Peter and Ninja Tune

Radar Music Videos

Rave On Studio

Red Fang

Riz Maslen (Neotropic)

Robin and Julie

Sheila Heti


Steven Zanoski

Sue Lucas

Suffolk and Cool

Tateru Nino

The Jazz Lawyer

The Lance

The Unkindness of Ravens

Tiffany Isbell

Tobias and Tokafi

Tom Kolbe

Topon Das

Trevor Tuminski

Vernon Smith

Whitepaws Productions

(...and yes, I am one of those people who reads ALL of the credits after the movie - how could you tell?) ;) 

The year 2011 was a personal best - but I can already tell you that 2012 is going to be even better!  

Thank you, everyone!

~ S.